Reduce your risk

Your journey toward wellbeing is personal.

For some people, the journey may lead to abstinence or sobriety; for others it may not. No matter where you are on your path, there are ways of using substances that can be safer than others. 

This is harm reduction: an approach to substance use that prioritizes improving health and lessening the harms of drug use. Harm reduction includes public health programs and tactics that are designed to prevent overdoses, limit the spread of infectious diseases, and support the physical and mental wellbeing of people who use drugs.

Actions you can take today

Learn more about harm reduction

  • Black Harm Reduction Network

    This group is working to center racial equity in harm reduction across drug policy, public health, and criminal justice.

  • National Harm Reduction Coalition

    This organization works to heal the harms caused by racialized drug policies. Explore the Harm Reduction Resource Center to learn more about safer drug use, overdose prevention, and related topics.

  • Harm Reduction Works (HRW)

    HRW is a free network of support groups that are open to anyone who is looking to reduce the harm of their substance use, or anyone who is supporting others using substances, including family and loved ones.

  • SAMHSA’s Harm Reduction Framework

    Explore harm reduction principles, evidence-based best practices, the history of harm reduction in the United States, and more.