About the campaign

Many people want to change their patterns around drugs and alcohol but are hesitant to get started. They may feel shame about their substance use or unsure how to find support. The Start With Hope website is a judgment-free, affirming resource for people at risk of developing a substance use disorder.

Start With Hope recognizes that, because of societal inequities and biases, Black and Hispanic/Latinx people often have less access to substance use resources, treatment services, and support communities. This site provides harm-reduction and recovery information and guidance with a focus on culturally responsive services for Black and Hispanic/Latinx people from all walks of life.

Everyone’s path to wellbeing is unique, and it’s common to have stops and starts along the way. Start With Hope focuses on the motivating power of hope and encourages people to take the steps that feel right to them.

Start With Hope features real people sharing their stories about how they changed their relationship with substances, and are on their continued journey towards recovery. The Ad Council, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, National Council for Mental Wellbeing, and Shatterproof partnered on this campaign to help people access the care and support they need on their wellbeing journeys.

A note on the language in this campaign: 

Campaign partners understand that within the African, Black, Hispanic, and Latin diaspora, people use many different terms to describe their identities and communities. Our intention is not to promote any specific terminology, but to connect people with a range of culturally responsive substance use recovery resources.