Start With Hope

If you’re ready to change your drug or alcohol use, the first step is to believe it’s possible.

Millions of people have changed their relationship with substances, cut back on how much they’re using, or stopped using altogether. You can too. 

Everyone’s wellbeing journey is different. This website will help you find the resources, support, and community to create your own path. You may face challenges along the way, but combining the power of hope with practical guidance and tools, you'll be taking steps towards better health.

Person smiling and holding someone’s hand

Shift your mindset

Rethink your relationship with drugs and alcohol.

Two people walking in the park

Reduce your risk

Learn how to keep yourself safer while using.

Woman looking up while holding her phone

Explore resources

Discover what wellbeing could look like for you.

Stories of hope

Hear stories from individuals in recovery from a substance use disorder.

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